We teach the conversational skills you need to begin speaking with locals immediately. We create fun and relaxed classes taught by highly experienced native speakers.

Our Spanish School



Learn Spanish in Costa Rica by living directly in the home of a local Costa Rican family.

Homestay Program



Zip-line over jungle canopies, mountain bike through coffee plantations, or white water raft down class three rivers. The adventure is yours for the taking.



Welcome to Tico Lingo Spanish School in Costa Rica

Who We Are

Tico Lingo Spanish School in Heredia Costa Rica

Tico Lingo is a Spanish school in Costa Rica devoted to giving its students Spanish linguistic fluency through cultural immersion and cross-cultural education. Our aim is to teach, immerse, and initiate a global understanding of Costa Rican culture.

We are young, we are connected, and we are interested in creating the best environment to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. We want to discuss culture on a global level with people from around the world. Join our conversation, learn Spanish in Costa Rica today!

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- Our Mission -

Our mission is to teach, to immerse, and to instill a life changing experience for our students through classroom education and cross cultural immersion.

- Our Philosophy -

To combine the power of an enriched curriculum and an immersive cultural experience that empowers students to communicate ideas, spirit, and culture in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere resulting in true Costa Rican cultural immersion.

- Small Group Promise -

Our classes are conducted in small groups of no more than six students. This amount allows for open, fluid discussion in the classroom that benefits learning while not distracting from it.

Happy Students

  • "After three days of class I could actually feel my brain soaking up the language. It was everywhere around me. My Homestay family was sooo nice and fed me the most delicious of foods!
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    Asher W. - Accountant, Salt Lake City U.S.A.

  • "After a month in the program I could speak and understand conversational Spanish with ease -- something I could never imagine doing. I couldn't have been more inspired to learn than by my patient and competent teacher, Freddy."
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    Riley K. - Environmental Technician, Chicago, IL U.S.A.

  • "The teachers are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and the school made it easy to take fun side trips around the country as well. We went out to a volcano, took a beach trip, and visited some locals out in the mountains."
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    Connor C. - Student, Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.